Self Driving Cities

Self Driving Cities connects academic researchers, government, and industry in the urban mobility space 

Our mission is to collect and analyze data to answer policy questions like these:
  • How will Autonomous Vehicles change our cities?
  • How will different regulations around AVs affect congestion, air pollution, land use, parking? 
  • How should Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technologies and industries be regulated?
  • How can MaaS transportation capacity be optimized?
  • How can new technologies be integrated into the existing urban mobility network?
  • How can innovation and competition be encouraged?


We aim to improve quality of life through building greener cities by:
  • Enabling healthier lifestyles
  • Reducing congestion and harmful emissions
  • Optimizing use of MaaS resources

About Us

Self Driving Cities is led by Hendrik Wolff, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University.
Read more about Hendrik here.


Hendrik Wolff is Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University. SelfdrivingCities partners with local and international organizations on a range of questions in mobility research and implementation